Living like in paradise provides us father Rhin
I admit, a kiss is sweet but sweeter is its wine!
(Ludwig Christian, Rheinweinlied)

Haus Terasse Brunnen Brunnen

Bingen at the Rhine is placed directly at the mouth of Nahe and Rhine. Right in the middle of the UNESCO world natural heritage you feel the romantism of the Rhine, the facsinating landcape of water and vineyards. And it's also the only place in Germany where four different wine areas are connected (Rheinhessen, Nahe, Mittelrhein and Rheingau).
Beside the landmark of Bingen, the "mouse-tower" the pilgrimage church Rochunskapelle is built on the prominent Rochusberg as well as the castle "Burg Klopp" in the middle of the city. The historic museum shows the live of Hildegard of Bingen and other historic things like the surgery instruments of Bingen.